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The Paranormal Universe

About the Site

Strange Crimes
Bigfoot and Aliens
Dumb Masterminds
PSI's: What`s the big idea?
Weird Stuff
Yearly Word Puzzles
About the Site

I hope you enjoyed the Paranormal experience. I had loads of fun creating it and I hope you bookmark it and come back soon, because I will be waiting.

The Paranormal Univerese was made especially for people who are curious about the world. Many of these things you may not believe in, but honestly,the site is just made for kicks. Maybe some day you will see one of these things, maybe not.
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My picture is currently not availible, but here is a picture of the editor, Nino. Good job, old boy!

Dear people who enjoy this site:
I sincerely apologize for the misspellings on the psychic web page. I didn't have a dictionary at hand. Sorry for any inconveniences. Our Editor, Nino, was squirted with a water bottle for failing to notice the error.
Yours Truly,
The Creator of This Website


Isn`t this the perfect word for this website?

Are you ready to face the truth?