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The Paranormal Universe

Bigfoot and Aliens

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Bigfoot and Aliens
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Bigfoot, aliens, do these fantsies really exist? I`m not sure, but I`d love to find out!

Have you heard stories of aliens? How about Bigfoot? This page is mostly links to official paranormal websites. I personally have never seen an alien or Bigfoot. If you have, send me an e-mail, if you can find my address. I`ll give you a hint, look in the corners.

For an extraterrestrial alien webbie, click here . . .

If you have any stories of Big foot sitings, or alien sitings, use the white box below. Thanks a million, you guys!

For a Bigfoot contact site, click here . . .

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Space Background 2

Who knows what awaits us in space? Who knows what awaits us in our own backyard? Only you can find out.

Are you ready to face the truth?