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The Paranormal Universe

PSI's: What`s the big idea?

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PSI's: What`s the big idea?
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Are PSI's real? Maybe, maybe not. All I know is that they really wig me out!

Warning: I have been searching for an authentic PSI site and I have to warn you: some are just diarie entries, and many are just ads. Some could even be virus machines. If you see any offensive comments, or get a virus from one of those sites, please don`t  blame me. I don`t have the time to comb through every square byte of the sites. Enter at your own risk. Thank you, from the staff of this website.

For centuries, we have been curious of the clairvoyant people in the world. Are they real? Could be. Exactly what is a PSI? A psychic is a person who sees the future or coming events. They could dream it, have a vision, or just feel it. Maybe clairvoyance is another branch of ESP. Maybe it is the same thing. All we know is that there are some weird things going on that certain people foretold. Could psychics be modern day prophets? I don`t think so, but believe what you want. If you are a psychic, e-mail me. Psychics are amazing. And I want to prove that they do or don`t exist.Thanks!

Psychic Terry, I don`t know his last name, sorry, is a psychic in the magazine Cozmo girl. He reads girl`s problems from letters they send and uses his "Psychic" powers to tell them what to do. Is he a real, honest to goodness psychic? Only time can tell. Maybe he is. He doesn`t know any of the girl`s he helps. Hmmmm.....

This webbie is chock full of paranormal experiences and mind boggling stuff . . .

Bells Ringing

Bet ya didn`t know this picture would be here, eh? You did?!?!?! Hmph. Forget you guys.

Are you ready to face the truth?