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Strange Crimes
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Welcome to Bob`s domain. From here you can find the weirdest and the scariest crimes I could find. Oh, yeah, Bob isn`t real , folks. I hope you like it!

This week`s special, celebrity killings. The top story: Alfalfa, the cute little boy from the Little Rascals, was killed by a friend.
Was this murder, or a gruesome accident? Carl Switz was supposed to take care of Moses Stilts` dog. It got away, and Carl gave out a $35 reward. A man claimed the money, gave him the dog, and the twosome had a few drinks at the bar. Carl`s luck still stayed down. He was unable to get money, and soon began to drink. Eventually, he confronted Moses,in a drunken rage, demanding payment fom the man for returning the dog. Soon after, he died. Did Moses kill Carl, or was it an unknown event. It is all up to you . . .

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Diane Fossey, an actress, I believe, was brutally killed by a machette. A cunning suspect, Mr. "Z", he is called, is considered a prime suspect for the case. Did he kill her?

Are you ready to face the truth?