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Dumb Masterminds
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Some people are dumb as dirt. These people could lose a match of wits against any pile of dirt.

This is one of the funniest dumb crimes yet that I have found:
A man was breaking into a house and tried to get in through the metal grating. But, being the genius he was, got stuck. He tried to get through for an hour. Eventually he called the cops, and was freed. I bet the police had a laugh about this!

For sources of total idiots, click here . . .

See if you can tell which one of the items has not been used in a crime:
A: A hairbrush
B: A really big snake
C: A length of rope
D: A blowdryer
Answer: From what I know: A blowdryer! All the othes have been used for various crimes!

Gavel Banging

And the sentence is : Twelve years working on this web site !!!!!

Are you ready to face the truth?