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The Paranormal Universe

Strange Crimes
Bigfoot and Aliens
Dumb Masterminds
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About the Site

Welcome to the truth! This is one of the few websites where you can find the strangest of the strange. You can find links from all over the Web. Aliens, Bigfoot, dumb criminals, we`ve got it. But I`m not going to give it all away. You have to explore to see!

Don`t think this is a scammer webbie. The truth must be known. We must explore things never before seen by man. I assure you most of the content of this site is 50% accurate. : ) Seriously, we don`t know what`s out there. This site can help you do that. Either that or you can come here when you`re bored.

Full moon against night sky

You never know what may be out there. Aliens, intelligent life forms, a duplicate of Earth, even.

Sundial Rotating

Time has been going on for eons. Yet we only know of a thousandth of what exists.

Are you ready to face the truth?