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TheLife of Taylor Szasz
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Updatable Updatables About Me!
All About Me

Hi! Welcome to my site. This is the one and only webpage where you can see stuff about me! Let me remind you: every one is beautiful in their own way! Believe in yourself, for that is your greatest power. On a lighter subject, here is some stuff about me: I love to read. I also love the computer. I write short stories, and like to do some light sewing. I also like to hear from people, so please fill in the sheet, please.

Name, Please!
Email, People, Email!!
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Hello, people! This is what I like to do. I put in a word puzzle or two, so now you can learn stuff and have fun!
Some people like: oetpry
Others like: wimsmign
Still others like: eaidngr
People like: wesngi 
Everyone likes: hocclotae
Or do you like: anydc
Please say you like: eekwends
Even crazy people like: ym bewites
I like all of this stuff!


This is me, people! Get used to it!   8 *

Open Book, Spinning

Books are good . . .