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Word Scramblers

Word scramblers are the type of puzzles that make you want to bang your head on the table. Here you go! Muah Ha Ha Ha !!!

Unscramble these words:

  1. rayzc
  2. hisprwekc
  3. rietd
  4. smisoos
  5. reeoptt
  6. xtale

Answers next month.

Unscramble these level 2 puzzles!
  1. cucmav
  2. egtlbaveie
  3. nsiconwos
  4. enxial
  5. erudabm
  6. mgralalarp

Here are the hardest words I could find:
  1.  nootmapooiea
  2. nesdyawe
  3.  neveeulaz

Word Games Are Fun!!!